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Next lil giveaway! Vegan protein powder :)
May 10-17 
Ends at 12PM PST

2lb Vegan, Gluten-Free Pea Protein w/Blender Bottle

May 17-24 Ends at 12PM PST

Personal Blender and Jillian Michaels ‘Ripped in 30’ DVD (my fave)

*Each will also receive goodies from Trader Joe’s, some teas and an autographed picture of my face.


To enter- reblog once.

Must be resident of lower 48 States or Canada- sorry, int’l peeps :/

Must be a fan of ice cream and/or gelato.

Must be following me.

Each giveaway will end on the Thursday at 12PM PST.

Winner will be chosen at random w/an online random number generator.

Ask box must be open, I’ll send you a message and you must respond w/in 24 hours or someone else will be chosen.

I’ll take down this post and repost when the next giveaway begins :)

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Tyson Foods.

Completely random thought of the moment:
Tyson food commercials are completely nuts. Little kids complaining about Lima beans, spinach, etc….their solution? Feed your kids Tyson chicken nuggets. Nuggets?! Really?! Welcome to America, Home of the Free, the brave and diabetes by age 15.

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